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Antigua's Grill Menu


Side Orders

Fajita meat substitution
Combination beef and chicken
Extra topping
Flour tortillas (6)
Corn tortillas (6)
Side sour cream
Side pico de gallo
Side Jalapenos
Side gravy
Side Toast
Steam Vegetables
Beans charro or refried
Mexican rice
Sliced avocado salad
French fries
Red sauce or spicy sauce and chips
Lg (12 oz) 4.49 Sm (4 oz)
3 Tacos (ground beef or chicken)
3 Enchiladas (ground beef, chicken,
veggie or cheese)
3 Chalupas (ground beef, chicken or
Bowl of Fajita meat
(steak 5.25 or grilled chicken
Bowl of 10 grilled shrimp
Baked Potato
Loaded Baked Potato
Mashed Potato